I try to get as many photos of everyone as I can however there are times where I am competing with my own dog. In order to confirm that I will be able to photograph you, it is recommended that you tell me what times you are in the ring. I generally ask for about 15 minutes before and 10 minutes after each of my own events to quickly potty Wylie, kennel him, and grab my gear. If we are not competing then this will never be an issue.
YES! Absolutely! I try to only post images that I would like someone to have taken of me, however if you are not happy with your facial expression, etc, I would be more than happy to remove the image.
NO. Unless there is no booth set up (for example Cathy French) then I am able to however if there is any sort of setup I am not able to take win photos.
Please send along an email (contact page) with which image you would like (use the number in the caption) as well as your payment information. I accept etransfer, paypal (5% service charge) or cash at the show.
Of course, feel free to share on Facebook or tag yourself. HOWEVER you are not permitted to download, modify, or copy images you have not paid for in any way!
That's fine, however you must have paid for the image(s).